Competition on the print market is becoming ever fiercer. Wage costs are increasing. The demands placed on print products, too. Those are the challenges facing many companies in the industry, and the facts which have raised the bar yet again in respect of technical equipment. The Rapida 105 PRO is our answer to these challenges. The new press bridges the gap between the Rapida 105 and Rapida 106 series, and in doing so defines a new industry standard in its format class. For optimum performance – the Best in class!

At a glance – The benefits of the RAPIDA 105 PRO

Operating concept
The TouchTronic operating concept at the console stands for simple handling optimised to the precise needs of the print process. Structured function sequences promote intuitive and effortless press operation. No need for long periods of familiarisation. Thanks to logically arranged menus and immediately understandable icons, all relevant functions are accessible with a maximum of two clicks.
Full preset capabilities
Automation technologies – Best in class
The preset capabilities of the Rapida 105 PRO make everyday work so much easier for the printer. The DriveTronic feeder and AirTronic delivery, for example, use saved data for presetting of the print format and for air settings. The job changeover program JobAccess loads these and all other job-specific data and press settings for the next job at the console. While current production continues!
More print area per sheet
As an option, the Rapida 105 PRO is able to print an enlarged 3B format of up to 780 x 1050 mm. And the feature “Reduced colour bar height” creates additional space to enable more single images to be printed on each sheet. A real gain for the printing of gang formes, packaging or labels.
Job changeover
Significantly faster makeready
The job changeover program JobAccess optimises the changeover process and reduces makeready times significantly. All preselected makeready processes for the next job are executed in calculated sequence. One function is FastInkUp. The Rapida 105 PRO comes into colour faster than ever, for a further reduction in start-up waste.
Gripper systems
One for all
Like all other presses of the Rapida family, the Rapida 105 PRO also incorporates proven universal gripper systems by Koenig & Bauer. For reliable sheet transport and precise register accuracy – at all speeds and across the whole substrate range.
All-round competence from a single supplier
Dryer technologies are one of our core competences: Whether for conventional or UV applications, dryer systems from the Koenig & Bauer VariDry family stand for superior results. Absolute highlights of our future-oriented technology are VariDry HR-UV and VariDry LED-UV systems. Koenig & Bauer dryers simplify your work, extend maintenance intervals and reduce component wear. In this way, you can make a decisive contribution to the efficient use of energy and natural resources in the print process – and even save costs at the same time.
Pile logistics
Uninterrupted print production
Time-consuming stoppages for manual pile changing are well and truly a thing of the past. With the latest Koenig & Bauer non-stop solutions you can look forward to reliable, uninterrupted production – even at maximum production speeds. Logistics systems tailored to your particular needs provide for even greater productivity in the printroom.
Strong partner
At your side when you need us
With Koenig & Bauer you can rely on a company with firm roots in the industry, a company for whom customer-oriented objectiveness and flexibility are guiding principles. You can be sure that our staff will help you in every way they can, that they will offer you optimum advice and an open ear to all your questions. Kind, approachable and always with a smile. A plus point in the industry – and one which makes Koenig & Bauer so special.


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